Xiaomi Colorful Bedside Light Lamp 2 bluetooth WiFi Touch APP Control

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  • Work with Apple Homekit, Siri, APP Remote Control. You can use the Apple, iPad, Apple Watch,the home app and Siri to easily control with tap, voice, and even automated settings.
  • Large Luminous Area. The bedside lamp is made of high-difficult inverted mold and hot runner design; make the whole lamp illuminated evenly. Create a practical and romantic atmosphere.
  • Colorful Soft Light. Equipped with the international first-line brand lamp beads and a double-layer lampshade with twice mixed light, which emit an even and bloom colorful light like a pigment.
  • With Night Light. The maximum brightness is increased to 400 lumens for normal lighting in the bedroom. The minimum brightness is less than 2 lumens, which can as an auxiliary light while sleep.

Package include: 1 x Bedside Lamp, 1 X Power Supply AU Plug, 1 X English Manual