Roborock H6 Stick Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Cordless Motorhead Handstick

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  • Keeps Cleaning Longer
  1. H6 is the first cordless stick vacuum in the world to use Lithium-ion Polymer battery. Developed for Roborock, the light weight battery delivers incredible run times.
  2. More Energy Dense, Li-Po battery equipped, for 25% more energy density and 20% less weight.
  3. Customized Li-Po Battery design delivers 90-minutes of cleaning in Eco Mode and 10-minutes in Max Mode
  • Eliminate Pollutants and Allergens
  1. Five stage air purification system filters up to 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles. Only clean air escapes.
  2. Fade-Free Suction. Fade-free multi-cyclone design keeps suction consistently strong throughout each clean up.
  • Light Weight and Maneuverable
  1. Precision engineering, advanced materials, and a light weight battery create a vacuum body weighing only 1.4kg(3lbs). Easy to lift into high corners , from room to room, out into cars and more.
  • Deeper carpet Cleaning
  1. Carpet Brush is engineered specifically for deeper carpet cleaning.
  2. 50W motor provide dedicate power to spin the roller.
  3. Planetary gears. High-Torque and durable, for high power and long life.
  4. 50 mm large roller cleans efficiently without getting trapped. Carbon fiber bristles keep static buildup under control. Nylon bristles agitates carpet fibers driving out dirt.
  • Engineered to Endure
  1. Built to handle life in the toughest homes, premium materials are used throughout, the on board battery is designed for a long life and extensive longevity testing is carried out.
  2. 85% of power after 600 cycles.
  3. Tested to last 800+ Cleaning hours
  4. Durable Polycarbonates and ABS Plastics.
  • Stay Informed
  1. No more Range Anxiety. A Bright Easy-View OLED Screen Keeps critical information clear, including battery level, remaining time, selected mode, maintenance alerts and more.
  • Lock-On Simplicity
  1. Banish finger fatigue with a simple button that locks suction on. Release the trigger and keep on cleaning.
  • Removable dustbin and filters
  1. Air filters and water filter are washable for a longer life.
  • Quiet
  1. Unpleasant noise is minimised by a noise dampening chamber and advanced airflow control, then further reduced by the rear filter.
  • Package included
  1. Main Device, Carpet Brush, Motorized Mini-Brush, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Flex Tube.
  • Accessory Options: Floor Brush and Self-Standing and Wall mounting Charging Dock are Options.