DEERMA Water spray mop household flat mop wood floor From Xiaomi YouPin

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Brand: Deerma ( from Xiaomi Youpin )
Model: DEM-TB900
Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
Cleaner Types: Vacuum Cleaner
Function: Sweep, Mop
Dust Box Capacity: 230ml
Water Tank Capacity: 280ml

Main Features:

● Non-contact Cleaning, keep away from pollution

● 2 in 1 sweeper + spray mop, can add disinfectant

● 170mm wide flow inlet, easy to deal with large dust

● The capacity of the dust box is 230ml, one-touch dust-free hands

● Pedal snap-in disassembly, no need to bend over

● Booster atomizing pump, drag and dry without water stains

● 110cm wide-angle fan-shaped spraying range becomes wider, cleaning becomes faster

● 280ml water reserve, drag 100㎡ of space again
● The swivel head, which can be rotated 140 ° left and right and 90 ° up and down