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DreameTech Robot Vacuum D9

Dreame D9 with an aerospace standard that endures various challenges
times of Pallet-bumping tests
inferred buffering tests
times of driving wheel compression tests
minutes of LDS Life Cycle
Dreame D9 with new 3.0 LDS Laser System
Improved Sensibility

Fast scanning
2080 points per second*

Enhanced Accuracy

Error distance ≤10mm*

Dreame D9 with innovative and revolutionary improvements
  • 150min Ultra-long Runtime

  • Add Pressure on Carpets

  • 270ml Intelligent Water Tank

  • Anti-Bacteria Mop Cloth

  • Cross Obstacles With Ease

Anti-Bacteria Wet Mapping for Deeper Cleaning

Powerful anti-bacteria technology that eliminates 99.9% bacteria

Fast Mapping and Dynamic Planning

Pioneering 3.0 smart mapping and navigation technology

Strong Suction that Leave Crevices Clean

3000Pa strong suction and cleaning system

Ultra Long Runtime and Sustainable Engine

BMS smart battery managing system

  • 570ML Large
    Volume Dustcup

  • 4 power modes

  • 0.1mm extra thin
    main brush

Dreame D9 with Japanese Nidec brushless motor

Japanese Nidec
brushless motor

Strong engine and
longer runtime

Dreame D9's 0.3 microns refined filter can filters 99.7% of microscopic particles

0.3 microns
refined filter

Filters 99.7% of microscopic
particles and leaves air clean

Dreame D9 vacuums with effectiveness and smoothness

Fluid mechanics
wind tunnel

Vacuums with effectiveness
and smoothness

BMS Smart Battery Managing System

5200mAh high capacity battery +

smart battery managing system

Dreame D9 with 5200mAh high capacity battery

Auto pressure boosting on carpets for cleaner results

Recognizes carpets automatically and boosts pressure to achieve

cleaner and more complete result

Dreame D9 can auto pressure boosting on carpets

Effective anti-bacteria wet mopping that
eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

270mL large capacity water tank,

200m2 wet mopping acreage and choose from 3

levels of water flow on the app

Dreame D9's anti-bacteria wet mopping that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
Dreame D9 with professional noise reduction designs

APP remote control allows you to schedule cleans when you are not home

Dreame D9 support APP remote control
Dreame D9 support connected to Alexa and voice control

More considerate details designed for you

Dreame D9 can detect and cross obstacles up to 20mm

Detect and cross obstacles up to 20mm

Cross doorsills, rails, carpets with ease

Dreame D9's HEPA filter that is washable and easy to replace


Washable and easy to replace

Product Specification

Product Name DreameTech Robot Vacuum D9
Size 350 x 350 x 96.8 mm
Rated Power 40W
Battery Capacity 5200mAh
Net Weight 3800g
Motor Japanese Nidec brushless motor
Run-time 150 minutes
Suction Power 3,000Pa
Maximum Dustbin Capacity 570ML
Dreame D9 robot vacuum

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