Roborock S7 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop Official Australian Version Black

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Main Features

Recognize and React

Many things can trap a robot, from scales to wires, shops, and even pet waste. Powered by machine learning and a dedicated neural processing unit, S7 MaxV recognize these hazards and reacts differently based on what it sees. Getting up close to dropped shoes but staying far away from pet waste. Even threading its way carefully between hazards.

Your Virtual Home

Recrate your home, along with all your furniture and floor types, right in the Roborock app. Automatically. During a clean S7 MaxV drops furniture it has recognized in position. Need to clean around the bed atfer a lazy breakfast? Just tap on your bed.

Tailored Room Cleaning

Using your furniture, S7 MaxV automatically recognizes bedroom, living room, dining room, and bathrooms and will recommend the right amount of suction power and suctions power and scrubbing intensity for each room.

Done and Dusted

The suction power has been cranked up. All the way up. From a maximum of 2500 Pa on the Roborock S6 MaxV all the way to 5100 Pa on the S7 MaxV. That's more than double the power. Fire up the Max+ mode, and all that power is yours.

Mop with the Power of Sound

Experience robot mopping like never before, with VibraRise sonic Vibration technology that scrubs your floors up 3,000 times per minute with consistently high pressure throughout the clean.


Customer Reviews

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Not so good with cat hair on carpet

I tested this on carpet with cat hair and it didn’t pick it up well. I put it on the max suction, but it still didn’t pick it up. Picks up dirt and everything else, however, I got it to keep the cat hair picked up. Works fine with cat hair on vinyl but not so good on carpet